This course is designed for non-degree students. The course offers students instruction in the basics of automotive systems operation, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and repair, along with the terminology, proper use of tools, and procedures required to perform these tasks.

AUTO I (Engine Fundamentals) -

This course is designed to introduce the student to the fundamentals, components and operation of an internal combustion engine. Both gasoline and diesel engines will be explored, and comparisons and differences between the operation of the two will be studied. High speed and low speed compression ignition and spark ignition engines will be discussed and demonstrated. Prerequisite: Basic Auto

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Auto II (Electical Systems)

This course is designed to introduce the student to the fundamentals of AC-DC charging systems and cranking motors including operation, testing, servicing and troubleshooting.  Prerequisite: Basic Auto & Auto I

 Auto III (Auto Electronics)

This course is designed to study the theory, service, and repair of electronic control systems used in today's automobiles. The course will cover the principles of the electronic components and operation of systems used in the automobile industry. The students will be introduced to scan tools and digital oscilloscopes and their use on electronic control systems. Prerequisite: Basic Auto, Auto I, & Auto II

Auto IV (Heating and Air Conditioning)

This course is designed to introduce the student to the principles of refrigeration, automotive air conditioning and heating systems, and troubleshooting and repair of these systems. Prerequisite: Basic Auto, Auto I, Auto II, & Auto III

*Concurrent credit for WWCC AUTO courses may be available for all listed Automotive Trades courses


 Students are able to earn various ASE certifications while taking CCHEC Automotive courses!

 Auto 1st Hour Rotar CertsAuto 6th Hour Rotor Certs

Three of our high school automotive students display an engine they rebuilt in class.

Autoshop Engine2

 Click here to see a video of these students demonstrating this engine!