FREE college classes for High School students!

Are you interested in getting a head start taking college classes during high school? Do you want to expand your educational opportunities right now?

Carbon County Higher Education (CCHEC) is the Rawlins Outreach Campus for Western Wyoming Community College.

Rawlins High School, Rawlins Cooperative High School, and Little Snake River Valley High School juniors and seniors are eligible for dual/concurrent classes through Western.

What are Dual and Concurrent Classes?

Concurrent enrollment courses are college courses taught by college approved high school/CCHEC teachers, as part of their duties. These classes are taught during the high school day and the college class is part of the high school schedule.

Dual enrollment credit is awarded to students who complete college-level courses either online or in traditional college classes. Courses are taught by college instructors, instruction is at a college pace, and courses are offered outside of the regular school day. You will attend class on the college outreach campus (Carbon County Higher Education Center) or online.

Dual enrollment students have one class period of their school day dedicated to working on each college course at CCHEC with our Dual Enrollment Facilitator.

Dual enrollment college courses are meant to be a step between high school and college. This bridge between high school and college helps teach students time management and additional responsibility while still having a structured support system in place. Additionally, this opportunity allows students to learn and practice the real-life skill of having different expectations in different environments and attending courses in different buildings.

Students will also obtain a Western student ID card, which allows them access to events on the main Western campus, as well as many discounts at various locations. 

Benefits of Dual and Concurrent Enrollment

  • Students earn both high school and college credit.
  • Counts as one elective credit or core class towards high school graduation.
  • High school students who take college courses subsequently perform better in college than those with no history of dual enrollment course taking.
  • Students who earned college credits in dual enrollment and similar programs before high school graduation had a lower average time to degree – 4.25 years . . . 4.65 years.
  • Reduces the cost of college to the student and their family.
  • Career and technical students have documented skills to offer their employer and a head start on further training.

What will it cost?

Dual and concurrent credit courses should have no cost to students or their families.

The Carbon County BOCHES & CCSD#1 Boards pay for tuition, fees and books for dual credit courses. Continued enrollment depends on the student receiving a minimum GPA of 2.0 in each class and completion of all enrolled courses.  

Things to consider before you register

  • Am I at least 16 years of age?  
  • Am I a junior or senior with high level academic capabilities?
  • Do I have current ACT scores or will I need to take the Western McCann/ALEKS assessments?
  • Will my high school instructor in this content area recommend me for a college course?
  • Will I be able to meet all my high school requirements?
  • Do I have time for a college course and am I willing to do the homework?
  • Do I realize college classes will take a greater time commitment and my outside activities cannot interfere?
  • Do I understand that the grade I earn in this class will go on my permanent college transcript and high school transcript?
  • Do I understand that I am responsible for researching transfer issues prior to enrolling in college classes? Colleges have varying policies on the acceptance of college credit earned while a student is still in high school.

Classes you can take

Classes offered on-site in Rawlins and online change each semester. Please reach out to your high school counselor or the CCHEC Student Services Coordinator for a current listing of available courses.

On-Site Courses

Concurrent courses available at Rawlins High School:

  • HLTK 1200 WS1 – Medical Terminology with Mrs. Donough in the Fall
  • MATH 1400 WS1 – College Algebra with Mrs. Withers in the Fall

Concurrent Courses available at Carbon County Higher Education Center:

  • CNA course with Mrs. James (offered every semester)
    • NRST 1510/1511 WS1 – Certified Nursing Assistant (4 credits)
  • Welding courses with Mr. Flaherty (all courses are offered every semester)
    • WELD 1715 WS1 – Oxyacetylene Cutting (1 credit)
    • WELD 1755 WS1 – Shielded Metal Arc Welding (3 credits)
    • WELD 1760 WS1 – Adv. Shielded Metal Arc Welding (3 credits)
    • WELD 1840 WS1 – Groove Welding Plate (3 credits)
  • Construction Trades courses with Mr. Snodgrass (all courses are offered every semester)
    • CNTK 1700 WS1 – Intro to Construction (3 credits)
    • CNTK 1905 WS1 – Carpentry (4 credits)

Spring 2024 Dual Enrollment Courses (generally evening courses held at CCHEC)

  • ENGL 1010 W1 – English Composition I with Travis Moore
  • ENGL 1020 W1 – English Composition II with Travis Moore
  • ENGL 2050 W1 – Creative Writing: Short Stories with Travis Moore
  • PHLB 1810 W1 – Phlebotomy Principles & Practice with Melissa Donough 

Fall 2024 Dual Enrollment Courses

  • ENGL 1010 W1 – English Composition I with Travis Moore
  • ENGL 1020 W1 – English Composition II with Travis Moore
  • ENGL 2070 W1 – Film Appreciation with Travis Moore

Online Course Options

Options for online courses change each semester. Please contact the CCHEC Student Services Coordinator or your high school counselor for a current listing of offered courses.

HMDV 1025 – Intro to Online Learning

HMDV 1000 – College Studies

ACCT 2010 – Principles of Accounting I

BIOL 1003 – Current Issues in Biology

BIOL 1010 – General Biology

BADM 1000 – Intro to Business

CHEM 1000 – Introductory Chemistry

COMM 1030 – Interpersonal Communications

COMM 2010 – Public Speaking

CMAP 1200 – Computer Information Systems

COSC 1030 – Computer Science I

ECON 1010 – Macroeconomics

ENGL 1010 – English Comp I

ENGL 1020 – English Comp II

ES 1070 – Solid Modeling I

FIN 1000 – Personal Finance

HLED 1003 – Wellness

HLED 1140 – Nutrition

HIST 1211 – US History to 1865

HIST 1220 – US History from 1865

HIST 1251 – Wyoming History

IMGT 2400 – Intro to Information Management

MGT 1000 – Intro to Supervision

MKT 2100 – Marketing

MATH 1400 – College Algebra

MATH 1405 – Trigonometry

MATH 2200 – Calculus I

PHIL 1000 – Intro to Philosophy

PSYC 1000 – General Psychology

SPAN 1010 – First Year Spanish

These courses will help students meet college needs while allowing them to explore interests. All courses will required college level writing and an average of nine (9) hours of studying per week for each 3 credit course. Some courses have prerequisites or minimum ACT scores that must be met.

How to begin

Students meet with both their high school counselor and CCHEC/Western Student Services Coordinator each semester to determine the best courses for each student. Some college courses dually count as required high school courses, while others may count as elective high school courses.