The Certified Nursing Assistant program (CNA) introduces students to the rewards of a career in health care. Upon completion of the program, students who take and pass the national CNA certification (and most of our students do) are immediately eligible for steady and in-demand employment in nursing homes and hospitals. Those who wish to continue their health care education have a solid foundation whether they pursue nursing, a career in medical lab sciences, or any of the other careers in this fast-paced, growing employment sector. Above all, we want our CNA students to think of themselves as healers who are well prepared to assist any of the rest of us who find ourselves in need of compassionate care. There is no ceiling on the career opportunities available to student who launch from our CNA program.

CNA Course Overview

The course presents basic nursing assistant principles and skills with an emphahsis on care of the elderly client. Opportunities are provided for practice and demonstration of skills in the laboratory related to client care. Students will participate in clinical experience at health care agencies. Satisfactory completion of the course entitles the student to take a competency exam to become certified in the State of Wyoming.

Admission Requirements

  • Students must be at least 16 years of age
  • Students must have proof of current TB test (less than one year old) prior to the start of class
  • Students must have proof of 2 MMR vaccinations or proof of immunity prior to the start of class
  • It is recommended that students have current (less than 10 years) tetanus shot and have begun the Hepatitis B series prior to start of clinical

CNA costs

Western Tuition & Fees – approx. $710

  • This cost includes tuition & course fees

Online Textbook – $82.00

  • iCEV software

Additional Costs:

  • Central Registry Check (paid by Memorial Hospital of Carbon County)
  • CPR Training for healthcare providers/professional rescuers (approx $75)
  • Headmaster Exam (offered in English & Spanish, written or oral) $127.00 to $137.00
  • Wyoming State Board of Nursing Licensing Fee $120.00
  • White Scrubs – Varies
  • Watch with a sweep second hand – Varies
  • Background check form to be completed upon registration before class begins. 


CCHEC is offering an adult CNA class in the Spring of 2024 through Western Wyoming Community College. The course includes online, in class, and clinical time. This is a very popular class, so students are encouraged to register early. To register, please click the link below and enter the following when prompted:

For Spring 2024 Registration:

Class runs from January 16 – March 4

Mandatory Lab & Clinical Days TBA

Use the following information when registering:

Non-degree seeking

Course Numbers: NRST 1510/1511

Course Name: Nurse Assistant

Course Credit: 4

Section Number: WENT

CCHEC also offers a CNA class available to Carbon County School District #1 high school students during the regular school day. Click here for more information.