Every education follows a different path. CCHEC is specifically designed for people from the age of eighteen and beyond to return to school to complete the requirements for a high school equivalency certificate. If you are thinking about taking another run at it, please come see us; we are very good at helping people find the educational path that will be most successful for them. 

Earn Your High School Equivalency Certificate Through GED or HiSET Testing!

Little Snake River Valley Ed Center helps students earn their High School Equivalency Certificate through GED or HiSET testing. 

In coordination with the State of Wyoming, CCHEC strengthens students’ reading, writing, and math skills, preparing them to transition to employment, skills training, and post-secondary education.

Individuals wishing to obtain their High School Equivalency Certificate should contact the LSRV Ed Center at (307) 383-6861 or email Christy Stocks to schedule a pre-test.

High School Equivalency recipients are eligible for admission to most colleges and are also eligible for scholarships and financial aid.

High School Equivalency Testing Options

GED (General Education Development)

  • Delivery: Computer-based only
  • Subject Areas: Language Arts (reading and writing), Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics
  • Cost: $80 (or $20 for each subject area)
  • Retakes: Up to 2 discounted retakes
  • Languages: Available in English, Spanish, and French
  • Learn more at https://ged.com/

ETS HiSET(High School Equivalency Test)

  • Delivery: Computer or Paper-Based
  • Subject Areas: Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics
  • Cost: Computer – $53.75 (or $10 for each subject area)  Paper – $75.00 (or $15 for each subject area)
  • Retakes: Up to 2 free retakes
  • Languages: Available in English and Spanish
  • Learn more at https://hiset.ets.org/

Additional Resources & Services 

CCHEC offers the following services in order to help students be successful. Some or all of these services may be recommended based on student need. 

TABE Pre-Test – $20

  • This test predicts your ability to successfully pass the high school equivalency test and is recommended for admission to the program.

Free Tutoring

  • Qualified instructors will provide individualized tutoring to candidates in English or Spanish.

TABE Post-Test – $20

  • This test may be delivered after tutoring to determine progress and readiness to take either the GED or HiSET test.