LPN IV—Certified Course Overview

The LPN IV-C Course is designed to provide fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities needed by the LPN to perform specified infusion therapy procedures. Content should include, but not be limited to:

  •  Legal considerations and risk management issues for LPNs in infusion therapy;
  • Related anatomy and physiology including fluid and electrolytes balance;
  • Principles of pharmacology as related to infusion therapy;
  • Infusion equipment and preparation;
  • Principles and procedures for administration of specified solutions and medications via intravenous route;
  • Principles and procedures for peripheral VAD and CVAD site maintenance;
  • Assessment of and appropriate interventions for complications related to infusion therapy; and
  • Demonstration and practice of specified infusion therapy procedures

Admission Requirements

Students must be an LPN to register. LPNs completing this course will be IV Certified (IV-C)

Cost: $379

Class Dates & Registration

To schedule a customized class for your facility, call (307) 328-9274.