Students can take Western Wyoming Community College classes right here in Carbon County! Some are on-line but an increasing number are on-site with qualified instructors from here in our own community. Our campus is staffed by passionate, seasoned support staff who can help students navigate the sometimes confusing world of college. Sign up for a class today!

Getting Started

Carbon County Higher Education Center (CCHEC) is the Rawlins Outreach Campus for Western Wyoming Community College (WWCC) in Rock Springs. WWCC offers 2-year degrees and certificates via distance.

There are many on-site courses in Rawlins and online courses available to choose from, whether you are just taking a class or two to explore your interests, taking courses to transfer to another school, or working towards completing a degree through WWCC.

Full- Time (12+ credits) Students & Degree Seeking Students

1. All students planning to attend full-time or seeking to complete a degree, an online application must be completed.

2. Complete the Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible. Students must complete the FAFSA each year that they attend school in order to qualify for and receive Federal financial aid. Students paying for courses on their own can skip this step.

3. Complete the McCann & ALEKS placement tests for appropriate placement in English, Math, and Science courses. Placement tests are free of charge for WWCC students and can be scheduled with the CCHEC Test Center by calling 307-328-9274 or emailing Cory Hudson.

4. Meet with an advisor to register for classes each semester. Jennifer Moore is the Student Services Coordinator at CCHEC and advises all students except for nursing and pre-nursing students. Jenny Daniel is the advisor for all nursing and pre-nursing students. Both can be reached at 307-328-9274.

Part-Time (11 or fewer credits per semester) students & Non-Degree Seeking students

Part-Time and non-degree seeking students, should either reach out to CCHEC Student Services Coordinator, Jennifer Moore, to register for courses or fill out the online WWCC part-time registration form.

Local WWCC Degrees & Certificates

Many AA, AS, & AAS degrees & certificates can be completed completely locally through online courses or with a combination of online & Rawlins on-site courses.

Rawlins Fall 2021 On-Site Course Offerings

  • CRMJ 1001 W1 – Intro to Criminal Justice with Sarah Chavez
  • ENGL 1010 W1 – English Composition I with Travis Moore
  • ENGL 2040 W1 – Creative Writing: Short Stories with Travis Moore
  • EDCI 1200 W1 – Introduction to Education with Erin Edwards
  • NURS 1510/1511 WNT2 – Certified Nursing Assistant with Barbara James

* Online courses are designated with NT.

Rawlins Spring 2022 Tentative Course Offerings

  • ENGL 1020 W1 – English Composition II with Travis Moore
  • ENGL 2050 W1 – Creative Writing: Prose I with Travis Moore
  • PHLB 1810 W1 – Phlebotomy Principles & Practice with Melissa Donough
  • SOC 1100 W1 – Social Problems & Issues with Dave Throgmorton
  • NURS 1510/1511 WNT2 – Certified Nursing Assistant with Barbara James
  • Criminal Justice courses – TBD
  • Education Courses – TBD