About the Carbon County Higher Education Center

Carbon County Higher Education Center (CCHEC) is the result of the 1985 agreement between Carbon County School District #1 (CCSD #1) and Western Wyoming Community College to form a joint Board of Cooperative Higher Education Services (BOCHES).

Created by the legislature, BOCHES (or BOCES) generate partnerships between school districts and their nearest community college to provide educational services that aren’t specifically being provided by either of them.

In our case, that allows us to provide:

  • Adult basic education
  • College-level classes (both here at the Carbon County Higher Education Center and at our outreach location, Little Snake River Valley Community Education, in Baggs, WY
  • Vocational training at the high school and adult levels
  • Community enrichment opportunities for all ages

Our BOCHES partnerships also provide an opportunity for us to fill additional educational niches in our community more effectively than CCSD #1 or Western alone. That’s why, although CCHEC is its own legal entity, we work closely with both CCSD #1 and Western to ensure our educational programs provide a seamless transition from high school to college, as well as allow for people who have been out of school for a while to smoothly transition back into educational or training programs.

Our Connection with Western Wyoming Community College

As a Western Wyoming Community College Outreach Campus, we administer the Western Outreach program in Rawlins and Baggs. Depending on the course, students can choose from either on-site or online options for continuing their education.

To learn more about Western in Rawlins, click here.

What other classes are available at Carbon County Higher Education Center?

Here at CCHEC, we provide a wide variety of education options to serve our community.

Our offerings include:

  • Adult education classes (English as a Second Language, Spanish as a Second Language, High School Equivalency)
  • Community education classes for all ages (including our popular “Make and Take” craft classes)
  • Medical training (including CNA, CPR, and Medication Aid)
  • Vocational education classes for all Carbon County School District #1 students, including Automotive, Construction Technology, Culinary Arts, Pre-Engineering, Nursing, Welding and Woodworking

To view current courses offered at the Carbon County Higher Education Center, click here.

Our outreach campus:

Little Snake River Valley Community Education Center

Since 1993, Little Snake River Valley Community Education Center in Baggs, WY, has served as an outreach location for CCHEC. We provide a variety of community-based classes, such as crochet instruction, tumbling and dance, and “make and take” craft classes for all ages.

To see current classes at the LSRV campus, click here.

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