Among other things our Adult Learning Center includes a wonderful tutoring center.  We have found that most of our students do well overall but sometimes need a bit of extra help in one specific area to keep their momentum going.  We are fortunate to have a wide range of professionals in our community we can enlist to help individual students get past whatever barrier they have encountered in their learning.  Most of our tutoring is one-on-one but if we find several students encountering the same issue, we also offer small classroom instruction.  Our tutoring services are available to adult learners, ESL learners and high school students enrolled in college-level courses.  The tutoring center is a pretty high energy place:  a lot of good learning goes on in there!

Tutoring is available with local tutors by appointment. Contact the CCHEC Student Services Coordinator to schedule a time with a tutor at 307-328-9274 or email