Basic Woods

This class is a one period, one semester class open to all students.

This class will provide the students with a foundation to develop his/her skills of wood working concepts. Students will become familiar with the design, process flow’, tools, equipment, typical joints and joinery procedures. Wood species identification and wood panel products are studied and learned. Students will able to participate in the planning and construction of various shop projects contingent upon passing a basic safety test and becoming certified on the use of the shop tools and equipment.


Woodworking II & III

This class is a one period, one semester class. Pre-requisite: Completion and passing of Basic Woods with tool certification.

This is a continuation from Basic Woods and/or Wood Working II, emphasizing on wood product design and manufacturing. Projects will include the construction and installation of kitchen cabinets.


Woodworking IV

Pre-Requisite: Successful completion of Wood III and be recommended/approved by the instructor.

The student will act as an assistant to the instructor for Basic Woods classes. 



These wooden benches were made by our Basic Woods high school classes. Each bench is unique, with it's own design and now line the hall of our C-TEC building.