Rawlins Community Garden

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Click here for the Rawlins Community Garden Membership Rules and here for the 2017 Application.


Rawlins Community Garden is an enriching space to sow, grow, get dirty and have fun doing it, empowering individuals and the community within an educational and beautifying space.

1. RCG will support all members of the community who want to be involved in gardening by providing safe, suitable land at an affordable price, providing support, equipment and mentoring if needed.
2. We will provide a place for neighbors to meet with respect for the environment and each other and share a common interest in gardening to provide healthy food for family and friends.
3. RCG will plant seeds of interest in the community to develop and promote gardening.
4. We as caretakers of this land will promote an ecologically sustainable organic community garden.
5. RCG creates a space for learning about growing and gardening, as well as an opportunity to build skills and develop individual and community leadership within a shared rcg5space.

a. To bring the community together
b.  Engage diverse generations, from youth to seniors
c. Create a space to be a social medium
d. Allow space for those without outdoor space to grow
e. Create a space for generating interest on sustainable food sources
f. Educate on where our food comes from
g. Spread knowledge on our specific region for growing, and awareness on what can be grown and how the season can be extended
h. A place that allows for education and workshops
i. To beautify