Nursing Assistant


Successful completion of this course will provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to effectively perform in the role of a Certified Nurse Assistant. Assistants work in hospitals, home health and nursing homes, under the supervision of licensed nursing personnel. The course presents basic nursing assistant principles as well as the opportunity to practice and demonstration of skills related to client care. The students’ time will be divided cna3 between classroom instruction, laboratory time and supervised experience in hospital and/or nursing home settings. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be eligible to take the Nurse Aide Competency Exam. Students who pass this exam and become certified through the Wyoming State Board of Nursing can work as a CNA

Admission Requirements

• Students must be at least 16 years of age

• Students must have proof of current TB test

• Students must have proof of two MMR vaccinations or proof of immunity prior to the start of clinical

• It is recommended that students have current (less than 10 years) tetanus shot and have begun the Hepatitis B series prior to start of clinical

Course Offerings

CCHEC offers an adult CNA class in the Fall, Spring and Summer. The class is 89 hours, which includes 24 hours of clinical time. This is a very popular class, so students are encouraged to register early.

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CCHEC also offers a CNA class available to Carbon County School District #1 high school students during the regular school day. Students interested should talk to their guidance counselor.


A certificate of completion will be issued by CCHEC upon successful completion of the course. This entitles the student to take the competency exam required by the State Board of Nursing to be certified in Wyoming.        

CNA Course Outline

             Introduction to Healthcare Agencies

            The Nursing Assistant

            Work Ethics

            Communicating with the Health Team

            Understanding the Person

            Body Structure and Function

            Growth and Development

            Care of the Older Person


            Preventing Infection

            Body Mechanics

            The Person’s Unit

            Bed Making

            Personal Hygiene

            Personal Care and Grooming

            Urinary Elimination

            Bowel Elimination

            Nutrition and Fluids

            Measuring Vital Signs

            Exercise and Activity

            Comfort, Rest and Sleep

            Admissions, Transfers and Discharges

            Skin Care

            Oxygen Needs

            Rehabilitation and Restorative Care

            Hearing and Vision Problems

            Common Health Problems

            Mental Health Problems

             Confusion and Dementia

            Developmental Disabilities


            The Dying Person

            Medical Terminology

CNA Costs

Total Payable to CCHEC - $246

Tuition -  $146

Textbook and Workbook - $55

CPR Training - $35

Central Registry Check - $10


Costs not payable to CCHEC

Nurse Aid Competency Exam - $98

Licensing Fee - $120

White Scrubs - Varies

Watch with a sweep second hand - Varies

Barbara Jean James, MSN, BSN, RN

CNA Instructor
1650 Harshman
Rawlins, WY 82301


Barbara Jean James is a graduate of Rawlins High School and holds a Masters Degree in Nursing from the University of Wyoming. She has experience in Emergency Room Care, Acute Hospital Care, Home Health Care, Long Term Care and Teaching Nursing School for University of Wyoming and Kaplan University.

Barbara has been employed at Memorial Hospital of Carbon County for 15 years at every clinical and supervisory level, and currently as a Diabetic Educator. She is also employed at Carbon County Higher Education Center as a nurse educator, the University of Wyoming as a clinical Instructor, and Kaplan University. She has been teaching classes at CCHEC since 2004 in IV Therapy, CNA, CNA II, Med-Aide, It Takes Two, New Daddy and Mommy classes and Wyoming Children’s Action Alliance STARS program, and as an instructor with Western Wyoming Community College from 2004-2010.

Other activities include serving on the Boys and Girls Club Board and Downtown Development board. Barbara belongs to Soroptomist International of Rawlins as a board member, Wyoming Nurses Association as District 50 President, and Xi Kappa of Beta Sigma Phi.

Barbara has two children, and along with her husband Randy, 4 grandchildren.