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Wind Racer Competition & Capture Wyoming's Wind Photography Contest 


Saturday, May 7th, 2016

Wind Racer Competition starts at 10:00 a.m. 

Highway 71, I-80 Frontage Road

BBQ, Community Kite Flying and Capture Wyoming's Wind Photo Display from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

CCHEC C-TEC, 1650 Harshman Street


Wind in Carbon County, Wyoming – annoying, refreshing, relentless, powerful – however one wants to look at it, wind has been and always will be a defining characteristic of our county.  With winds reaching hurricane Wind5webspeeds on a regular basis, the “wind-blown” hairstyle is a popular look for residents of Carbon County. To celebrate our wind, Carbon County Higher Education Center holds an annual wind racer competition.


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Rawlins last held a wind racer competition in 1983 when the “Jade Mile Association” sponsored the Wyoming Wind Wagon Races. Click here to download the Vintage 1983 Wind Racer Flyer. The Carbon County Museum provided CCHEC with the list of clever rules used for the competition and felt their creativity could not be matched.


Wind Racer Competition Rules:

1. All vehicles must be wind powered. Transfer of energy is acceptable however, no batteries are permitted.  In the event of a still day, the crew can push or pull by hand.

2. Vehicles must have a minimum of 3 wheels, or anything up to and including 84. Wheel sizes must be a minimum of 5” or larger.

3. The crew will consist of at least two or more people; all human, or as close as possible.

4. All vehicles must have effective braking & directional controls. Both systems must be tested and ruled acceptable before the competition.

5. All entrants must assume liability for themselves & crew.

6. No commercially made vehicles.

7. Wagons must be constructed to carry one or more people. The captain has to ride his vehicle over the entire course.

8. Overall height limited to 13 ft. 6 in.

9. No chewing tobacco if the wind is over 15 knots (to avoid splashing the spectators).

10. “Wind Wagon Thomas” & other professional teams not eligible for entry.

11. Points will be deducted for destroying spectators.

12. Biting, kicking, striking, or gouging any officials will not be tolerated. However, BRIBES will be taken into consideration.


Photos from the CCHEC 2015 Wind Racer Competition: 


Kite Flying at the Wind Racer Competition:



Capture the Wyoming Wind Photo Contest :

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