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Transcription is the transfer of recorded dictation to hard copy. Dictation may be recorded on cassette tapes, on central dictation systems, or generated as sound files on the Internet; hard copy is produced on a typewriter or computer.

The Career Step Medical Transcription course is an online, self-paced program. It was specifically designed and created using a “programmed learning” approach. This means that each concept is built upon another, using exercises to practice and memorize. The whole course is essentially homework, designed to give students the repetition and building blocks necessary to learn easily and effectively.

Why Medical Transcription?

Study at home to work at home
Secure, growing industry
Earn up to $40K and beyond
You can master all the needed skills

Why Choose Career Step through CCHEC?

We partner with companies that hire MT's
Our grads get jobs!
Companies refer failed applicants from other schools to Career Step
Quality training, personal support, & placement success
Most comprehensive competency-based training
Student resources: personal library, chats, forums, newsletters, plus much more

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