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Associate Degree Nursing Program

Western Wyoming Community College offers a three-year program (6 or 7 semesters) leading to an Associate Degree in Nursing. Successful completion of the program allows the graduate to take the National Council Licensure examination for registered nursing (NCLEX-RN). Upon licensure, the AD nurse practices in settings where policies and procedures are specified and guidance is available.

* Outreach Opportunities for Associate Degree in Nursing *
Western Wyoming Community College serves a significant number of students who live outside of the Rock Springs and Green River area.  In an effort to meet the needs of all student, the nursing department has several options that help students participate in the nursing program.

►  Some nursing courses may be available via distance learning methods. 
►  Some clinical experiences may available in outreach sites throughout the service area.

►  All nursing students will attend some clinical out of town.           

* Opportunities for Associate Degree in Nursing in Rawlins *
CCHEC has four reserved slots for qualified applicants.  These four slots will be filled by qualified applicants of Carbon County School District #1.  

For more information on the Associate Degree Nursing Program call 307-382-1713 or visit

Call 328-9204 to set up an advising appointment.

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