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Greetings from the Carbon County
Higher Education Center!

Thank you for visiting our website. You
will find a great deal of information about
what we can do for you and a number of
links to other organizations that you might
find useful.

Our goal is to transform our community
through education. We believe that the
solution to practically everything is more
education. More accessible education.
More pertinent education. More creative
education. More kinds of education.

At the Carbon County Higher Education Center you will find everything from credit-bearing college courses to professional development courses to fun and relaxing courses designed just to make your life a bit more pleasant. You will find vocational programs aimed at helping local citizens develop skills that will make them attractive to regional industries and you will find programs designed to help local citizens better understand the historical events that made Carbon County what it is. We think you’ll like whatever you find.

Providing creative, varied and pertinent educational opportunities has its particular charms in rural communities. At CCHEC we are fortunate to have a creative and curious staff full of great ideas. More importantly, each one of us has an ear to the rail and we listen well.

We respond to what we hear. When we heard that local professionals had to drive hundreds of miles to take professional exams to renew certifications, we did what was necessary to ensure that those exams could be administered right here in Carbon County. When we found that many parents were unable to attend to their studies because they did not have access to childcare, we opened up the Kid’s Campus. When we heard that regional nonprofit organizations needed some help to improve their efficiency, we organized a series of workshops that were well attended and well received.

When we realized the importance of maps to our region, we assembled an impressive collection of maps for landowners, hunters, industry specialists and the simply curious. When Main Street wanted to renovate a downtown building to create an art gallery, we mobilized our high school construction trades class to do the work.

You get the idea. We understand that in rural communities we cannot rely on the kinds of resources available in larger communities so we need to be a bit more creative and a bit more resourceful. And you know what? We like the independence and satisfaction that comes from being as self-reliant as we need to be. It means that we know about collaborations and partnerships. It means we know more about cooperating than about competing. And it means we trust one another, which is nice.

We could not do what we do without the tremendous energy and support from our key partners, Western Wyoming Community College and Carbon County School District #1. Be sure to check out their websites on our “links” page. Other partners include the Carbon County Museum, Carbon County Library, Memorial Hospital of Carbon County, Carbon County Economic Development Corporation and Main Street in Rawlins. Each of these partnerships makes our community stronger and more resilient and we are proud to be a part of the mix.

So check us out. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by to see us. If you aren’t in the neighborhood, browse our website to see what we are doing. If you find an idea you’d like to borrow, take it! If you’d like more information about how we do things, call us. We’d be glad to talk with you about what we do and how we do it.


Dave Throgmorton

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